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Monday, August 16, 2010


Please excuse the audio clips that don't work and naturally, I couldn't figure out how to delete them without losing the entire post. Ah well, this will pass.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A View From My Backyard

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After a very nice dinner of bbq chicken, mashed potatos and steamed vegies, I settled down on our bench in the backyard. I read from Jason Elliot's "An Unexpected Light." A fantastic book, it chronicles Elliot's travels through Afganistan, the people he meets and the culture he discovers. I think that governments that try to unify that many tribeled land are engaging in a futile and tragic exercise. Why do they do it? I think that politicians feed on such quests, believing that governments and laws are the answer to all problems and in order to justify their pathetic existence, say they will solve the never ending problem. I suppose I could fall into the trap of losing sleep over taxes yet to be paid, the job that I have to work inorder to pays those taxes or, I could come to my senses, sit on my bench, drink a beer and read a book.