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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Hot Day On Mt. Diablo

Going into this 25K race, my goals were to find out what kind of shape I was in and to get in some solid training miles. It's a good thing my goals were modest because the course the race directors chose resulted in all but the very best runners walking large portions of the uphill trails to the summit. Oh and throw in a 90 degree day and it could have been a grim tale indeed for yours truly. But, since I was treating it like a training run and not a race, I wore my hydration pack. Talk about your life saver!!! I emptied it about 2/3 of the way, filled it up at the aid station and then refilled it at the summit. Sport Jellies by Jelly belly, loads of salty potato chips and a granola bar were enough food to get me through the race. I am glad I did this race, but have to admit that I much prefer the trails on the north side where I live, more interesting, hardly any walking and MORE SHADE!! haha

Stats  3:32, 47th place overall, 3rd place in my age group.

I was more nervous about how a runner I've been coaching did in her trail half marathon. Finally, she called and gave me her race report and it was a good one! 3:02 and a solid placing. WAY TO GO ROBIN!!!

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