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Thursday, November 5, 2009

10/31/09-New York Marathon notes and thoughts

Today was pretty relaxed. had breakfast at the Yorkville Diner, one of my favorite places. Went with my daughter to where I thought I was supposed to take the bus to the start on Staten Island. (more on that later) Then we went over to Central Park and I pointed out where I would meet her after the race. After getting back to her place, I started reading the race guidebook and realized that I wasn't taking the bus, but the ferry which was all the way down southern Manhattan. Going onto the website, I figured out which trains I would have to take. Whew! dodged that bullet! Imagine going to the site for the buses and being turned away and having to make a mad dash on the subway to catch the right ferry! After solving that problem, while my daughter was out celebrating Halloween with her friends, I wandered over to this Japanese restaurant that was actually owned by a Chinese couple. The food was excellent and I was happy to be able to stick with my race routine of chicken and rice.

During dinner, I finally decided on a plan for the race. I had been wavering between sticking to the exact pace that would get me a 3:25 to 3:30 time and the more riskier plan of going out on a pace for 3:20 and trying to hang on. I had tried the former plan at the Boston marathon and it had not worked out. Mostly because of a very painful back and two pit stops because I drank a lot of water/gatorade before the race. I decided to try for the 3:20 pace from the start and to see if I could hold on for a decent time.

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