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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Second Cultural Revolution

I know this is supposed to be a running blog, but since very few people are reading it these days, I'd thought I'd put in something new.


The United States is currently undergoing its first cultural revolution and the similarities between this one and the cultural revolution in the Peoples Republic of China of the 1960’s and 1970’s are so nearly identical that it is truly frightening.

First, there is Mao and Obama. Known for singular names and politics. Both are cult figures with huge followers of young people. Blindly following their leader’s directives, hints and slogans. Each has its own “Bible,” Mao’s being the “ Little Red Book” while Obama presents his Audicity of Hope.” Disagreement with the authorized dogma is not permitted by our “Leader” and his followers. The Red Star was the official PRC publication while in the United States, we have Time Magazine which faithfully places the photo of our leader on its cover every two weeks.

While Mao had his wife to oversee the youth and their education and cultural activities, which included encouraging children to turn in their parents as counter revolutionaries, Michelle Obama oversees the youth movement known as “AmeriCorps” that is to become a “citizen army” as well funded as the Department of Defense. Soon, the youth will be advised to turn in their parents for offenses such as reading Milton Friedman or Adam Smith, using coal in their Weber BBQ or refusing to turn in their non-hybrid cars.

Second, as in the PRC, where elites were placed in charge of entire industries, armies and the collective farms, we now have dozens of “CZARS,” unelected experts chosen by Obama and are accountable only to him who will dictate the “leader’s” will and ensure that those dictates are carried out by the plebes or peasant citizens. Expertise is no longer valued, only loyalty to our “leader.” Soon, we can expect to read about five year plans that these CZARS have created. Lawyers will be running factories or General Motors, knowledge about building and selling cars is no longer necessary, only that one has pledged his or her loyalty to the Messiah.

Just as Mao had Chou En-lai, Obama has Rahm Emmanual, the man charged with putting the leader’s thoughts into practice. Whipping the politburo into shape and spitting out directives and “laws” will become commonplace. Soon there will be no thought given to reading the laws that are passed, no debate taking place and as in the PRC, lots of smiles for the cameras as we march steadily into our brave new future. A future where we are all eating “healthy” food, driving correct cars or better yet, riding our bicycles and encouraging the elderly to stop taking up so much space and kill themselves.

So, let’s look forward to the day when we fellow comrades, wearing identical organic clothes can gather in stadiums all across this great land and cheer at our “leader” as he gives another brilliant speech on the future of our Peoples Republic. Don’t forget your red book!!

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